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Large Lawn

Commercial Property Maintenance

Commercial Contract Services
  • 12 Month Contract

  • Spring Cleanup/Mulching

  • Spring Flowers

  • Summer Trimming 

  • Fall Flowers

  • Fall Cleanup

  • Fertilization/Weed Control

  • Trash Pickup

  • Snow Removal

Commercial Lawn Treatments
  1. Crabgrass Pre-Emergent

      Application of crabgrass pre-emergent/fertilizer to assist in prevention of evasive lawn weeds.​

  2. Spring Broad Leaf Herbicide

      Application of liquid broad leaf herbicide to eliminate and control various lawn weeds.

  3. Summer Fertilizer

      Summer fertilizer applied at sufficient rates to improve plant and soil nutrition.

  4. Fall Broad Leaf Herbicide

      Application of liquid broad leaf herbicide to continually control broad leaf weeds remaining from the summer.

Commercial Snow Removal

Snow and ice removal services provided to contract customers will include driveways, parking lots, sidewalks and entrances. Snow and ice is removed off of surfaces using truck plows, hand shovels, and high quality ice melt salt. Services are completed for businesses and in a timely manner strictly following the company contract and allowing employees, customers, and residents to safely enter and exit safely.


Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for your commercial property.

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