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Large Lawn

Commercial and Residential Mowing

Mowing Services
  • Mowing of grass one time per week or as required dependent upon weather and growing conditions.

  • Mowing height will be consistent as to not scalp the lawn and to prevent burning during summer months. Grass will be cut at a minimum of 3.75” to ensure efficient growth and health throughout the entire season.

  • String trimming around objects in lawn and around property.

  • Edging of sidewalks and driveways.

  • Blowing grass off of all hard surfaces completed after mowing and trimming.

  • Fall leaf vacuum and cleanup services.

Residential Mowing
  • Performed weekly for duration of mowing season, weather depending.
Commercial Mowing
  • Commercial mowing contracts include mowing, spring/fall cleanups, mulching and weed maintenance.

  • 12 month contract packages available to include full services.

  • Performed roughly 28 times per year on a consistent weekly basis, weather depending.

  • Trash pickup and bi-weekly services available.

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